Doctors and clinics

Dr. Jonathan Collin has offices in Port Townsend and Kirkland, Washington. Dr. Collin offers a medical practice integrating adult medicine, alternative medicine and anti-aging medicine. Special protocols for fatigue and circulation, as well as chelation therapy.

Best Health Centre is an alternative, holistic health centre in Perth, West Australia, providing health solutions with Avatar EAV / CEDS health testing system, Applied Kinesiology consultations, and pulsed magnetic field therapy.

Bloch Healing is a unique, 'person-centred' evidence-based form of hands-on healing. Peter Bloch is a teacher and healer of more than 25 years' experience based in Cheshire, near Manchester, England.

Body, Mind & Soul Healer offers an integrated approach to alternative health. 
Rediscover Your Wholeness with SoulHealer Dr. Rita Louise, ND. She works with the whole person, addressing physical, emotional and spiritual issues, thus helping to restore harmony and order to all levels of human functioning.

DaVinci Natural Health Centre is an international health center based in Cyprus that specializes in alternative or natural methods of treatment.

Dr. Robert Gammal's Home of Healthy Dentistry offers a lot of information on bio-compatible dentistry, fluoride, amalgams and other topics for those interested in holistic dentistry.

Iboga Spiritual Centre in The Netherlands has many years of experience in healing people with addictions and depressions, anxiety and other life-issues.

Management of Cancer, An Alternative Approach is the site of W. Douglas Brodie, MD, whose clinic offers cancer treatment and immune system enhancement services.

Naturimedica is a natural medicine and wellbeing centre established to encourage and facilitate personal transformations into healthy and happy individuals. Our therapies are tailored for each person and include naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, functional medicine, iridology, flower essences, GAPS protocol and PSYCH-K. Our clinic is located in Sydney, Australia; however, via our website we aim to make natural good health advice and support available to everyone, wherever they happen to be.


Alliance for Natural Health is committed to protecting access to integrative medicine. ANH-USA is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization that conducts political advocacy initiatives at the federal and state level. (American Association for Health Freedom Media merged with the ANH.)

Environmental Health Network of California advocates for those living with multiple chemical sensitivities.

Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners-North America assures that certified Natural Medicine Doctors and Professionals meet specific standards of education and experience and are committed to a high level of ethical practice.

Occidental Institute Research Foundation is a nonprofit society that functions as an information and technology bridge linking top German practitioners and suppliers involved in aspects of German Biological Medicine with progressive English-speaking practitioners around the world. By providing information, seminars, educational materials, newsletters, video/DVD training, instrumentation recommendations and yearly clinic/lecture tours to Germany, OIRF promotes the growth of German Biological Medicine throughout North America, and in many other English speaking countries. As an independent research organization we are constantly seeking and evaluating new approaches to health care for our affiliated colleagues and supporters.

Peyronie's Disease Institute serves to provide an alternative method of healing and treatment for sufferers of Peyronie's Disease.

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundationa non-profit educational organization, is a clearinghouse of information on healthful lifestyles, ecology, sound nutrition, alternative medicine, humane farming and organic gardening.


Empirical Labs is a full scale nutraceutical manufacturing facility specializing in Liposomal Vitamin C and professional and custom formulations for the health care practitioner. Our management staff are herbalists and with years of manufacturing, formulating, and FDA label layout experience.

Micro Trace Minerals, located in Hersbruck, Germany was founded by Dr. E.Blaurock-Busch PhD in 1975. The company provided mineral analyses of blood, urine and water to German doctors, and introduced hair and nail mineral analyses and its clinical application to European doctors.


A2Z Discount Vitamins for vitamins, nutritional supplements and herbal supplements. All top brands. Find the discount vitamins and supplements by brand name, category, or by your condition.

A. C. Grace Company has been the source of UNIQUE E® Mixed Tocopherols Concentrate since 1962. offers the latest environmentally-friendly no salt water softener systems. 

American BioSciences, Inc. (more science, better research, better results) is dedicated to helping people get the best from natural medicine, with: Avé™ Fermented Wheat Germ Extract, supports healthy metabolic cell regulation & immune system modulation; ImmPower™ supercharges the immune system’s front-line defenses; HP8™ herbal formula that supports prostate health; SUGARSolve24/7™ helps stabilize healthy blood glucose levels; SLEEPSolve24/7™ naturally supports a calm and relaxing sleep; FLEXSolve24/7™ promotes joint flexibility, mobility & strength; and CHOLESTSolve24/7™ with phytosterols, helps lower Total and LDL Cholesterol.

American Nutriceuticals strives to provide unique, high quality nutritional products along with exceptional customer service.They're committed to maintaining the exceedingly highest standard and broad selection of one-of-a-kind products to help detoxify and rebuild the immune system to assist in achieving optimal health. (June 2012)

BetterMan Chinese herbal remedy improves bladder control, reduces frequent urination and urine leakage for men. This formula also improves erection and sexual stamina. 

BetterWoman Chinese herbal remedy improves bladder control, reduces frequent urination and urine leakage for women. 

Biotics Research Corporation has been manufacturing specially designed nutritional products for more than 30 years. Its mission is to be the benchmark of excellence in nutritional science, technology and service, providing the clinician with reliable, innovative products of superior quality as well as the highest level of customer service.

Carlson Laboratories is dedicated to providing only the highest quality nutritional supplements. Family owned since 1965.

CENTROPA WAREHOUSE TPE has been a partner and sales agent for Thorne Research Inc. for continental Europe for more than a decade. Its headquarters is in Maastricht, the Netherlands. claims to be the "Internet's largest supplier of cholesterol test kits."

Doctors' Research has been a supplier of unique vegan, glandular, and herbal-glandular 100% food nutrient to health care professionals since 1998. Its founder was the first scientist since World War II to get a paper published in a major medical journal explaining why all essential vitamins are superior to those more commonly used. The 100% food nutrient products are produced in a facility that is both kosher and halal certified. No other company offers such a line of 100% food nutrient supplements.

Draco Natural Products is a leading botanical ingredient supplier for the dietary supplement, functional food, OTC, and personal care markets.

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music for sleep, stress management and self esteem improvement. Therapeutic CDs & DVDs reduce stress and anxiety, improve self-esteem, and allow better sleep. Royalty free music for audio healthcare products is also available for purchase.

HMD™ is a natural, oral, heavy metal chelator. It has been shown to successfully eliminate lead, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, nickel, uranium and other toxic metals without eliminating essential minerals. More info

Healthexcel Why is it that a given nutritional therapy works for one patient, has little or no effect on another, and can actually worsen a third? Why do two patients with the same disease require biochemically opposite approaches to get well? Why is allopathic nutrition doomed to failure? Why is it that for every book that says one thing, you can find another book that says the opposite? Why will there never be one diet that is right for everyone? Why will a given diet cause one to lose weight, while another gains weight? How can someone eat organic foods, take the best supplements money can buy, exercise regularly, sleep well, and still not feel well? The answers to these questions may be found in The Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing, based on 17 years of empirical research in the exciting field of metabolic typing and the determination of individual metabolic requirements.

Lots To Live For, Inc. offers a collection of nutritional and topical products to help cancer patients, and others who are immunocompromised. By helping to reduce uncomfortable and unpleasant side effects, our products can help individuals improve their quality of life before, during and after treatment. Boost immunities with nutritionals: Haelan 951 soy beverage, ProBoost Thymic Protein A, and Garden of Life whole food supplements. Regrow, retain, and thicken hair with Thymuskin hair care products. LindiSkin and Lotil refresh, replenish, and renew sensitive and compromised skin. All inquiries are handled with discretion. We promise reasonable prices, and fast delivery. Lots To Live For is a one stop shop for anyone who has received a difficult diagnosis.

Relesterol, a non-prescription daily supplement, has been shown to lower cholesterol.

S.A.Wilsons Therapy Blend Coffee is specifically blended and processed with enema use in mind. All the coffee used is 100% certified organic.

Teraganix specializes in products that help to restore the natural balance of nature—soil, water, air, and people—using only natural ingredients and soil organisms. 

Thorne Research has been a leader in the nutritional supplement industry since 1984, pioneering innovations in nutrition delivery, bioavailability, novel compounds, standardized botanicals, creative botanical preparations and formulations, probiotics, and truly hypoallergenic formulations. Thorne Research was first to offer the preventive practitioner: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, enzymes, probiotics, botanicals and specialty formulas.

Standard Process has provided health care professionals with the best in whole food supplements, since 1929, and has earned a trusted reputation in the field of nutrition. Standard Process is, and always will be, dedicated to growing high-quality ingredients, so that your patients will receive the best in whole food nutrition for years to come.

Books, journals, articles and more… is a guide on natural health information that covers various areas of natural health, including nutrition, herbs, and natural remedies and therapies.

Healing Choices: Your Guide to Complementary and Alternative Healthcareprovides information on alternative, complementary, holistic and natural health care; a description of modalities; practitioners; and resources to help readers make informed decisions for their health. E-book and print version are sold on the site, which offers tons of information, as well.

How To Diagnose and Treat Your Anxietyby Steven T. Griggs, PhD, presents a series of self-guided questions and considerations to enable the patient to better manage the process.

Oregon Medical Press is dedicated to publishing quality books on the scientific exploration of herbs and other forms of natural medicines as used in complementary cancer treatment.

Personal Health Zone was created to heighten awareness about alternative health care and ease individuals into the overwhelming amount of health information that the public is starting to be exposed to. It features resources for both the patient and practitioner.

Radiant Recovery (Simple Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity) is the Web site of Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D., author of "Your Last Diet." On the site, she explores the high fat/breast cancer connection.

Other resources is everything yoga. Practice yoga postures, yoga poses, pranayamas, yoga mudras. Find answers to all yoga questions for beginners and practitioners.

Abha Light Foundation: Affordable Homeopathy in Africa is a nonprofit working with the peoples of Africa. Their impressive list of aims and objectives ranges from education to treatment to setting up clinics and much more.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine General Resource Guide is published by the Alternative Medicine Foundation, a nonprofit founded to provide responsible and reliable information about alternative medicine to the public and health professionals.

Alternative Medicines HQ Resource Directory offers a categorized resource directory for alternative medicine options.

Anti-aspartame DORway consists of about 800 Web pages (approximately 12,000 printed pages) of documentation that claims aspartame is neither a decent diet aid, nor was it ever proven to be safe.

Arthritis & Glucosamine Information Center offers top quality information on arthritis and glucosamine, the latest research, details on arthritis medications and treatments, and tips for effectively managing your pain.

Beauty Product Reviews Find out what other people have to say about beauty products you'd like to try. Choose from editors' and readers' favorites. And don't forget to submit
your own review.

CANHELP, "The Worldwide Cancer Information and Referral Service", assists you in making informed, intelligent decisions on cancer treatments. CANHELP uses sophisticated research techniques and a worldwide network of renowned experts to provide you, and/or your physicians, with up-to-date data and an understanding of your specific treatment opportunities.

Chinese Medicine Resources: Master Wu's Qi Gong and Tai Chi Fitness Center is a great source of information regarding eastern practices like martial arts and alternative healing.

Environmental Illness Resource is an information resource and interactive community site for people suffering from a range of chronic illnesses that are poorly understood, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, and allergies. provides illustrated examples of exercise routines. It promotes a lifestyle that combines a Mediterranean type of diet with daily exercise to achieve a long, healthy and active life. 

Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research is a non-profit organization. Its objectives are to furnish health education programs and research to Francophone regions, developing countries, and countries in economic transition, and to establish collaboration between entities from the public and private sectors. It offers some great resource links.

Heart Disease, the Unified Theory and Linus Pauling Treatment is a plethora of Pauling-related information.

International Myopia Prevention Association provides a revealing look at myopia (nearsightedness) and its prevention.

Lila of Milan, an Italian AIDS support organization. (Translated site here.)

Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center offers articles regarding menopause, in-depth analysis of treatment options, and methods for effectively dealing with menopause.

Metabolic Typing Education Center provides a broad range of educational programs and services for health professionals and consumers. Metabolic typing enables one to discover his or her unique biochemical or metabolic needs, and then tailor the diet to effectively support those needs.

My Multiple Sclerosis is one man's personal research, collected throughout a decade of his life with MS. Check out his blog, too.

Natural Standard, a research collaborative started by Harvard clinicians in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its mission is to provide objective, reliable information on drug interactions, adverse effects, herbs that are effectives for medical conditions, and product recalls. The information is updated on real-time and is evidence-based, consensus-based and peer-reviewed, tapping into the expertise of a large multidisciplinary editorial board. is the resource page of Robert Cohen, the NOTmilkman. Lots of links and articles to discourage dairy consumption.

Optimal Health Network focuses on colon health and nutritional support.

Palmer Chiropractic University is highly committed to a strong and ongoing research program.

Peyronie's Disease guide to treatments, news and developments.

Positively Positive - Living with HIV/AIDS encourages and educates that an HIV diagnosis is not a death sentence, but it should be a wake-up call. Bradford McIntyre encourages one to take a spiritual journey from fear to love.

Robert Cathey Research Source explores various topics and offers medical and health related Web links.

Section of Integrative Medicine (University of New Mexico) has a threefold mission: education, service and research.

Sleep Disorders Guide is a comprehensive information guide about sleep disorders.
It includes descriptions, symptoms, causes, treatments of various sleep disorders like
sleep apnea, insomnia, snoring, restless legs and narcolepsy.

Tools for Transformation offers resources for personal growth and transformation of body, mind and spirit.

The Vitamins and Nutrition Center provides factual and accurate information on vitamins and nutrition, reports on the latest vitamin research and explains just how vitamins prevent disease.