Thank you for your interest in obtaining back issues of the Townsend Letter.  We have been in publication since 1983, and have published, literally, tons of information.  While we wish we could give away information, we wouldn’t be able to do that for long.  So, we ask you to share the cost.

It would be easy to lay out the cost as one flat rate across the board, but in order to allow for different shipping options and destinations, some people would end up paying higher rates to cover the cost for shipping to others.  We have subscribers in over two dozen countries (you would be surprised how fast overseas postage adds up!), and we have to charge tax for those in Washington State.  Some issues weigh about an ounce, others weigh close to a pound; sometimes you want multiple issues, and we can’t estimate anything about which issue or how many issues from the last 35+ years you would like to order, so it just makes sense to tailor the order to fit each person.  We ask for your patience as we process your order – please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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