Who publishes the Townsend Letter?

The Townsend Letter is self-published, out of Port Townsend, Washington.  Our Publisher is Jonathan Collin, MD, who founded the magazine in March of 1983, and remains our Editor-in-Chief.

Do you offer a research service?

We have been in publication since 1983, and have published, literally, thousands of articles on all aspects of 'alternative' medicine, from diet and exercise, to vitamins and pharmaceuticals, to politics and legislation.

We do not offer a search service, but we do have an index of all topics we have covered over the years.  All back issues are available in print format, and we have e-edition issues available starting with January, 2013.  

How do I contact an author?

There is usually contact information provided with the article(s) in question, but if it is not provided, you may be able to obtain it by contacting our Editorial Department directly at the address of editorial@townsendletter.com.  Please note that if information is not included with the article, we likely did not have permission to share the contact info, and we do not continue to 'track' authors once an issue is published.  So, if we have it, and have permission to share, we will share it; otherwise, good luck with your search.


Do you offer Health Advice?

Sorry, we do not have anyone on staff qualified to answer health questions.  We do recommend that you work closely with a health professional and consult them before undertaking treatments or modifications based on articles in the Townsend Letter.  If you don't have one, try searching for a specialty or practitioner via the list maintained by ACAM, the American College for Advancement in Medicine.  Good luck!


Who writes your articles?

We have a number of columnists, who contribute on a regular basis, but most articles are written by 'outside' authors.

If you would like to submit an article, please send it directly to our Editorial Dept:  editorial@townsendletter.com

How many issues do you publish yearly?

We publish 10 issues yearly; we have a small staff, and if we published one per month, we would never sleep.

Is the Townsend letter available in print format, or e-edition?

The Townsend Letter is available in both formats.  The print format is available beginning with issue #1, printed in 1983, through the current issue.  We have an e-edition available beginning with the January 2013 issue - it's how we celebrated 30 years in publication!

You may subscribe here, and choose the print version, the e-edition, or a combo subscription, which includes both print and e-edition at a special combined rate!


Can you recommend a doctor?

Sorry, but we don't maintain lists of health professionals - If you are in the Pacific Northwest, or wish to consider telephone consultation, you might like to try Dr. Collin, but otherwise, we suggest that you try ACAM.  Good Luck!


Do you accept advertising?

Yes, the Townsend Letter accepts and prints advertising.  We offer different size and pricing options, and would be happy to help you figure out what would work best for you and your budget.  Please email us directly at the address of advertising@townsendletter.com with any questions or to arrange placement.