#418   May 2018

#418 May 2018

May 2018


Letter from the Publisher

Jonathan Collin, MD


Pathways to Healing

MD Chef Tweaks Recipes to Support Health

by Elaine Zablocki


FCT® in the Coronary Care Unit of a University Hospital and Heart

by Savely Yurkovsky, MD

The cardiologist insisted that a beta-blocker was the evidence-based treatment for the author’s mother after the onset of iatrogenic congestive heart failure, but bio-resonance testing found that the drug was contributing to her decline. She recovered with the help of FCT.


What’s in Your Coffee? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by Steven M. Helschien, DC

High-quality, organically grown coffee offers health benefits that conventionally grown coffee cannot. In fact, conventionally grown coffee can compromise health.


by Chris D. Meletis, ND               


Practitioners and hemp oil manufacturers now have access to comprehensive certification programs from the Czech-based International Center for Cannabis Therapy. The programs foster product quality and give practitioners the information they need to prescribe hemp oil effectively and safely.


by L. Terry Chappell, MD

The 2017 AHA/ACC guidelines re-defined Stage 1 hypertension as starting at 130/80 and recommended lifestyle measures as the primary treatment. This article describes how to get accurate blood pressure readings and gives lifestyle and integrative medicine options for treating hypertension.


Gary Huber, DO, AOBEM, and Andrew Comb, RPh

Testosterone supplementation has been linked to cardiovascular illness in studies, but the research has flaws and often ignores the benefits of bioidentical testosterone given at physiologic doses.


by Martin Kwok, BSc, MSAOM, ND

Widely studied by Asian researchers, lumbrokinase, extracted from earthworms, is a very safe fibrinolytic enzyme preparation. This traditional medicine has been used to prevent thromboembolism in cancer patients and to treat people with ischemic stroke and coronary artery disease. 


Strophanthus: The Insulin of the Heart

by Thomas Cowan, MD

The little-known botanical strophanthus has multiple benefits for people with atrial fibrillation, angina, and heart failure. It supports the parasympathetic nervous system, improves microcirculation, and converts lactic acid in heart tissue into pyruvate—the heart’s preferred fuel.


by Carrie Decker, ND

Berberine, an alkaloid found in goldenseal and other botanicals, has several positive physiological effects on the cardiovascular and liver systems.


Management of the Allergic Patient:

The Role of a Changing Environment

by Diego Saporta, MD, and David Hurst, MD, PhD

After Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, patients with inhalant allergies tested positive to more allergens and had greater reactivity to tests. The authors explain how they adapted their testing protocols and patient management in the face of the changed environment.


The Nature of Information and the Metaphysics of Science

by Kenneth Smith

This look at the nature of information, the bedrock of reality, examines two views: the materialist and the pantheist. Is information exclusively physical or “everything”?


Alien Species…On the Threshold of a Brave New World

by Katherine A. Carroll, NTP

In an effort to meet the market for transplant organs, researchers are creating animal-human hybrids, despite serious questions about the ethical consequences.


by Jacob Schor, ND

The Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians held its 7th annual conference in mid-February 2018.

Speakers are selected by a committee that includes some of the best presenters in the naturopathic profession, and the focus is naturopathic oncology.



by Jule Klotter


Literature Review & Commentary

by Alan R. Gaby, MD


Ask Dr. J

by Jim Cross, ND, LAc

 The Truth Is Out There



by Alan Gaby, MD


Letter to the Editor

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Book Reviews

The LDN Book

  • edited by Linda Elsegood

    • review by Carol Petersen, RPh

Natural Approach to Urology, 2nd edition

  • by Eric Yarnell, ND

    • review by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO